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Learn to harness the power of focus, insight, accountability to achieve the results you crave.

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Stay ahead of the competition by creating and nurturing a forward-leaning culture.

Overcome fear

Learn how to take and manage risk, be proactive, and drive to desired outcomes.

Be a Leader

Refine the skills needed to lead your teams in a more effective, deliberate, and meaningful way.


We live in a world of constant change and intersecting priorities: political upheaval, uncertain job prospects, volatile relationships (and markets), and a pandemic that closed half the world for a year. It’s no wonder you’re frustrated – we all are.

I’m Keith Smith and I aspire to improve the lives of the people I love, work with, and those that I’ve yet to meet. I’m on a social mission to share my experience to help businesses and people attain the confidence needed to make a difference.

I do that in several ways: through media interviews, coaching, mentoring, speaking, podcasts, as a successful CEO and thought leader, and with my blog.

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From the Path of Force to the Path of Power

Changing your outcomes starts with changing your perspective. Understanding the balance and prioritization required for success is the key to unlocking your potential. It all starts with the moving from the Path of Force to the Path of Power.

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For Entrepreneurs

How do you feel at the end of the day? Drained of energy? Frustrated by the lack of progress? Learn how I moved from the Path of Force to the Path of Power…and how you can, too. It’s never too late to live a more empowering life, one where you’re more attractive to everyone you come in contact with.

For Leaders

Are you living an authentic life? Do you truly know yourself? Let’s work on your individual creed, develop who you really are, and then come up with a plan to help you move from the Path of Force to the Path of Power. Live the life that was meant for you – and learn how to become a leader that inspires others to follow and achieve.

For Investors

It’s time to focus on abundance and release your fear. Learn how I evaluate risk versus opportunity. There are no failures, no rights, or wrongs, only insights. It’s what you do with those insights that determine success or failure. Move from the Path of Force to the Path of Power and gain a new outlook on wealth generation.

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