Entrepreneurial Energy: How to invest in yourself to attract positive outcomes

September 21, 2021

When I finally bought my company, it was after two years of searching with my partners.

I knew it came with a lot of work and responsibility, but it was my dream to own my own company, and in 2012 I acquired Vonco Products and became its President.

At first, I’d wake up every morning feeling positive and optimistic about the day, ready to go fulfill my purpose. 

But with each interaction at work, my energy was slowly being drained. 

So I worked harder, put my whole focus on the business, and I let other important areas of my life fall behind.

I think I unconsciously bought into the idea that the entrepreneurial endeavor requires that some things are sacrificed for success. 

But I want you to know: It’s a myth. 

I learned from my experience that challenges come in order to drive you to the critical point. It’s the point where you start to understand where the energy comes from. 

At that point, you begin to attract rather than force outcomes. You learn to create energy out of the stress — instead of anxiety. 

You learn to take time for the energy builders that make it all possible. That very action generates more energy, and it becomes a virtuous cycle. 

The fact is: Energy is fueled by purpose. But you’ll only start to believe it when you lean into it. The result will be higher energy, which will attract better outcomes and better people into your life.

Suddenly things start to happen that you’ve wanted for a long time.    

When you think about it, you know it’s true: Think about all the times in your life you felt most energized. What were you doing in those exact moments when you felt you were in the zone, when you felt you were in flow?  

As you remember each of those activities, you’re able to start weaving together an understanding of your purpose. 

Key to know is that success doesn’t come from sacrificing the things that are important to you. It comes from identifying your purpose and devoting focused energy to the actionable goals that bring it to life.  

If you can manage your energy, you can have it all.

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